Sell Your Banknotes – £10 Note

Ever thought to sell your banknotes, Banknote auctions continue to grow in popularity and importance with collectors across the world.

Not only are they now a key part of the collectables industry, but banknote auctions are also the best way to achieve the maximum possible returns when it comes to selling all types of paper money.

If you think your Ten Pound banknotes might be worth more than its face value, the quickest way to sell it on eBay.

Ten Pound Note

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Include close-up photos

Put the note’s selling point in the auction title too, e.g., an AA01 serial.

  • Always start the auction at atleast £10.50

You’ll pay 10% closing fees if the item sells and take into account paypal fees.

Rule of thumb your auction will need to close at atleast £13 to make a profit (not including postage).

  • Post with an insured, signed-for service with online tracking

We recommend using Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed this covers cash sent in the post for loss or damage up to £500.

  • If you think you have an especially valuable note, consider selling via a specialist dealer.

Find them through the British Numismatic Trade Association. As a rule of thumb, always try at least three and play them off against each other.

Get a valuation on your banknote?

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