When do the old £10 notes go out of circulation?


In Sepetember 2017 the Bank of England introduced the new polymer £10 notes featuring Jane Austen to combat against counterfeit banknotes.

Since the introduction the Bank of England have gradually withdraw the old £10 note, featuring Charles Darwin from circulation, and after the 1st March this tender will no longer be accepted as legal tender.

How much old £10 are in circulation?

The Bank of England predict there are around 211 million paper notes are  in circulation, worth in excess of £2.1 billion.

How to use your old £10 after 1st March?

After the deadline has passed you will not be able to spend your old £10 notes in shops or restaurants.

If you wish to exchange your old £10 note for a new polymer £10 note you will have to make a trip to your bank, builiding society or Post Office.

Please note you do have to be an account holder with the bank for them to exchange the note.

If the above options don’t suit you; you can go directly to the Bank of England either in person or via post.


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